Friday, April 13, 2012

Thanks To Everyone

A Note of Thanks

We , Team Depicta would like to sincerely thank all those with the help and support of whom this festival has been a real Grand success . 

We would like to express our endless gratitude and Thanks to our esteemed judges who took time out of their busy schedules to be a part of Depicta 2012 .
The Judges for the short film competition : 1. Shri Abu Mounir, Faculty Member, Dept. of Mass Communication, Siliguri College and Gyan Jyoti College
2. Shri Subhrojyoti Mandal, Lecturer, Dept. of Mass Communication, North Bengal University
3. Shri Abhishek Roy, Joint Secretary, Society for North Bengal Film Festival and an independent film maker .

The Judges for the Drama competition :
1. Shri Manash Bhowmick , Thespian
2. Shri Abhijeet , Thespian and member Arya Natya Samaj , Jalpaiguri .

Here is a list of all the prize winners at Depicta 2012 :-

Short Film Compettion :
  • Best Film : " Suva "       from Future Institute of Technology .
  • 2nd Best Film : " Eka "  from Future Institute of Technology .
  • 3rd Best Film : " Intricate Minds " from Jalpaiguri Government Engineering Colllege .

Drama Competition :

  • Best Actor : Sourav Panja
  • Best Actress : Shalini Mondal
  • 2nd Best Actor : Pritam Ghosh
  • 2nd Best Actress : Preyasi Chatterjee
  • Best Script : Jugal Pal
  • 3rd Best Production : " Love in Jolu "
  • 2nd Best Production : " Bhoot "
  • Best Production : " Alik Rajar Deshe "
 Facebook Users can see some images of the Prize Distribution Ceremony here , we will try to upload all the images and videos soon .

We Promise to come back bigger and better next year .
signing off

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The annual Drama Fest of Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College(JGEC) just got bigger this year .We bring to you Depicta 2012 , the Drama and Short Film Festival organised by Azantrik-The Drama Club and the Film Society of JGEC
A litmus test of Theater skills and a platform for the "short film" makers of tomorrow to showcase their talent while competing for grand prizes .
Depicta-enliven your dreams .
The stage is set for you to share and express yourself, your thoughts, your ideas ,your imaginations and fantasies with an eager audience and in front of our esteemed judges.
Two events are going to be held , A Stage Play competition and a Short Film competition from 1st April, 2012 at the college Auditorium of Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College. 

  • No participant should incur any loss or damage to the things kept in the auditorium or to any other infrastructure of the campus . Doing so , will lead to the team being fined as per the loss incurred and can also lead to disqualification of the team .
  • The participants should themselves take care of their equipment,luggage,etc . The organizers would be in no way responsible for any loss occurred.
  • The decision of the judges and organizers shall be final and binding.
  • The organizers reserve the right to modify/remove any of the rules without prior notice.
  • Participation certificates will be awarded to all the members of the team participating in the Drama  and Short film competition.
  • Maximum no. of members in each team is ten .
  • The language of the play should be English/Bengali/Hindi only .
  • The time limit of each play is a maximum of fifty minutes(empty stage to empty stage).
  • Technical assistance will be provided to control the lights as per the demands of your script, and a make-up artist will be present.
  • Teams should bring the necessary props and costumes along with them .
  • Request for any special props should be made at least 3 days before the start of the festival, organizers will try to provide those props.
  • Any vulgar or inappropriate content should not be present in your play , decision of judges shall be binding in this matter.
  • No live animals and/or naked flame will be allowed on the stage.
  • This is a strictly "students only" event . Participants must be the students of some recognized school or a College under a recognized university.They should possess their Student's Identity Card or a Bona Fide certificate from their institutions at all times during the fest.
  • Multiple no. of teams can participate from the same institute .
  • All participants should be the member of ONLY ONE team . If this rule is violated then all the teams of which the participant is a member would be disqualified on the spot. 
  • Teams must register themselves through their Team Leader before the 23rd of March by sending us the name of the Team Leader , the names of all the team members and the name of your institute, to or by calling at the contact nos. posted here.

    • The short film competition will be held on 1st April,2012 from 1pm at Jalpaiguri Govt. Engineering College
    • The film must be within 30 minutes  duration(including titles)

    •   The theme or the genre of the short film is not imposed(the films may also be animated)

    • The short films must contain subtitles in English, whatever may be the language of the film
    • No member of the short film can be a celebrity
    • Films must be submitted before the screening starts
    •   The films must be submitted in  DVD in a format playable in vlc media player or windows media player
    •   At least one member of the film must be present during the screening.Otherwise that film will be disqualified.
    •   The films must not depict any nudity or drug use(without warning)
    •   A synopsis of the film written in English must be submitted to the judges along with the DVD
    • The entry fee for the short film festival is Rs. 150/- per film .
    • The teams must submit their names  on or before 28th March,2012 to any of the given contacts
    • Entry fee will be collected at the time of submission of DVD
    • The decision of the judges will be final
    • Any assistance needed for arriving the venue will delightfully provided by the organizers

    Grand cash prizes along with merit certificates will be awarded to the winners .

    Prizes for the Drama Competition :-
    • Best Actor
    • Best Actress
    • Best Script
    • Best Director
    • Best Production- Cash Prize
    • 2nd Best Production- Cash Prize
    • 3rd Best Production-Cash Prize

    Prizes for the Drama Competition :-

    • Best Film-Cash Prize
    • 2nd Best Film-Cash Prize
    • 3rd Best Film

    Accommodation will be provided to outstation teams in the hostels and guest houses of our institution .
    • Lodging and Foods will be provided at the hostels and the Guest House of our Institution.
    • A fixed amount of Rs. 100 will be taken for each day of your stay . This will include your lodging charges and the charges for Lunch and Dinner provided from the hostel's mess for that day.
    • Accommodation will be provided on First Come First Serve Basis as the no. of seats are limited.
    • Outstation teams are requested to register themselves for accommodation at least 7 days in advance, informing us about the no. of team members and the date and time of arrival , by mailing us at .


    We are eager for Sponsorships and Partnerships with reputed companies .And for any queries , doubts or suggestions you can contact us through the following :-
    • mail us at
    • Call at any of the contact nos. given below
      • Sudip Manpuria
      • Satyabrata Das
      • Pritam Ghosh
      • Tamonash Jana


        1. The dates of the competitions have been changed
        2. The Short film festival will be on 1st April,2012 , 2 p.m. onwards
        3. The entry fees and last date of registration have been announced
        4. The Category of Prizes have been announced.
        5. The charges for accomodation have been updated